Dim the Lights…The Blog is About to Begin…

Welcome to something that will actually save you time – maybe even money (or cost you more)  and provide entertainment while doing so.  I have been wanting to start a blog about my MANY ‘trips’ to the cosmetic counter and just haven’t completed it.

The fact that I can name most every shade of lipstick, in most brands BUT only own multiple containers of the same shade is quite unimpressive.  This does not just apply to lipstick….I have a fond love with the nude category and I don’t mean being naked. Bronze, copper, browns, mocha and sometimes the sand colors have filled my cabinet along side the many ‘nude’ shades of lipstick.   There is the occasional red, bright coral, and deep berry – but they very rarely get the chance to dance outside of the home.

I plan on using this blog to share my reviews of hair products, makeup in every form as well as skincare regimes.  I look forward to feedback as well as learning as I go.  ENJOY!